Green Eco Bandits

Title refers only to the Blip and has nothing to do with the Jamaica talks going on in Berlin and due to reach their climax tomorrow evening. Then Germany will know if it is to be ruled by Angie & The Wailers for the next four years.

Jamaica because of the colours of the 4 political parties involved:
CDU - Black (Merkels Conservative Party) 200 MPs
CSU  - Black (Bavarian Conservative Party) 46 MPs
FDP - Yellow (Liberals) 80 MPs
Grüne - Green 67 MPs.

They are positioning themselves as one might expect and threatening to withdraw from the round table and force another election etc etc. All the smaller parties have been in power in recent years at some point, so know what it's like to have power (flash cars, dinners, trips, influence etc) and so I think it is highly unlikely they will carry out their threats.

Differences are actually small within the range of all the problems facing the world. Immigration clearly still an issue but not as much as it was, is one example. Merkel says yes to immigration but controlled as per existing laws. Bavarians, facing a state election in 2018 and frightened of right wing popularity, want to cap immigrants at 200,000 a year, The Greens want a full open door policy including allowing anyone here, even if with restricted refugee status (eg from Syria), to be allowed to get their families to join them which the Liberals are against.

I do wonder if 8 weeks after an election in the UK, the country could function without a Government in place. When Parliament started it's work a few weeks ago, the government of Merkel officially ended. But things go on as normal! Matters of Government are being dealt with by the ministers who were in place before the election even if from the SPD Labour party which is in Opposition and refuses to be considered for talks in a possible coalition (miffed after their failure in election). So for instance the German Foreign, Environment, Family, Justice, Employment, Economy, Energy and Deputy Chancellor posts are all still run by SPD ministers!

Never mind being Government-less, what would the Daily Mail say if a potential government was prepared to cap the number of immigrants per year at 200,000. They hit the roof at two child refugees and clamour for the Government to resign if Ali and Mohamed are over 16 years old.

However we do have our local idiots - this evening's walk parked at my normal little pull in by the village lakes. Someone had fly tipped the probably once garden wood ornaments but had kindly tried wrapping them in bags which have now come adrift and will no doubt land in the lake and be eaten by the fish in due course.

I have no time for such louts as there are ample ways of getting rid of things. Probably they would even have found someone freely wanting the bits if they had put them out on the pavement with a sign "For Free".

In this case I didn't remove the rubbish myself as there wasn't room in the car and because my Blip gets posted to my Facebook a/c maybe someone may recognise the owner, have a word with them or report them to the council/police. A few hundred Euros in the council's bank a/c would be welcome. Why don't these irresponsible people realise they end up paying for such things through taxes and council charges.   

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