The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

A Complex Day

Janet and I went to the Petit Palais to see an exhibit of pastels from Degas to Redon. The show was wonderful. We met Claire, sister of Janet's daughter-in-law. She joined us for the exhibition and lunch afterward. What a delightful young gal.

As we headed home we learned there was a national strike and a group of Metro stops were closed including ours. So we took the Metro to the last open stop and walked home. Turned out the group of protestors was parading down our street. We walked along beside and saw that it was a high spirited group making their point and enjoying the process. It was loud, boisterous and exciting. We made it home easily.

Now we are sharing our last food and enjoying our final dinner. Tomorrow we all head back home. Sad to see the trip end. It's been great.

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