a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Graphic Filter

Abstract Thursday: Graphic Filter

I've ben at home again today - still seem to have a low temperature, achy-ness, headache etc. Hopefully tomorrow will shift it - I'm fed up with it now.  I don't have the concentration to read or play guitar and there's only so lying around that one can do.  

This is a shot of part of Birmingham Symphony Hall's letterhead.  I've duplicated the shot and added it in as a second layer.  I have then used a filter in Affinity Photo to create a software mirror, which has added the 5 pointed star abstract that you can see.  After that it was simply a question of playing with a combination of layers and opacities to add some interest. It sounds really complicated, but it only took a few minutes to do, which is about the limit of my ability to concentrate today.

Many thanks for all your very kind thoughts and comments in response to my Mum's anniversary shot yesterday, which were very much appreciated indeed.

I'm sneaking back to bed now.

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