a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Clematis in Neon

Flower Friday: Clematis in Neon

Its dark outside so I've had to venture out with my flash for this shot.  It's a single bloom on the clematis that Cathy planted this year.  For some reason the recent mild weather has encouraged it to produce one last glorious flower.  It looks a little forlorn out there this evening, truth be told, but the weekend is forecast to continue mild and sunny, so it can enjoy life for a little longer yet :-)

I've given it the Affinity treatment for no better reason than I enjoy seeing what comes out of the fartnarkling process - sometimes it works really well, and sometimes it doesn't work at all well.  But the process is fun :-)

I rather like the painterly effect and the neon like glow - it works for me, but each to his own!

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