a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Avon sunset

It's been such a lovely clear autumnal day, not as mild as recently, but reasonably sunny and still.  Cath and I walked up the nearby Roundhill and then through North Stoke down to the Swan at Swinford, where we stopped for a quick pint and, at Cathy's insistence a bag of crisps, before we walked back over the fields and down the Bristol/Bath cycle track home again.  

There's a couple of extras from the walk, the first mono shot is of a curious sign that has appeared at the top of the Roundhill advertising the Pub at Kelston and the nearby cheese shop (both of which we walked past on the way).  I am of the age where any reference to a cheese shop causes me to repeat whole swathes of the dialogue from the Monty Python cheese shop sketch, either in my head silently, or depending on the audience, out loud.

The sun was setting as we walked along the banks of the River Avon shortly after 4pm as you can see.  Sunset was 4:19 today - the days are certainly growing shorter - only 5 weeks now to the shortest day and, while we will then be in the dreariest days of winter, by early February it does start to get noticeably lighter again.  I'm glad though, that we don't live in a part of the world where the sun disappears completely for a period.  I don't think that I would be terribly happy living in the dark for weeks on end.

I've done no bread making today, so that's a chore for tomorrow. But in the meantime there's this evening's chilli to get started on - as I like that to have stewed for a while for the flavours to properly develop I had better get on with that now!

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