Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Last sun on the farm

Only one place to go in this neck of the woods if you're out after 3pm - down the road to the area beyond Toward, where the flat fields face over towards Bute. The sun sets behind Bute, and when this photo was taken was only half an hour or so from disappearing. 

This bit of Cowal, south of the Highland Fault line, is very different from the area only seven miles further north, where there are hills and forest. Here the low-lying fields are farmed, there are sheep and black cattle - or there were - and it feels more like Ayrshire or the south of Arran. 

By the time we returned, it was almost dark. Must get something reflective to wear for the dark roads of winter ...

My extra photo is of the sunset through the trees a little further along the road.

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