Bomble sleeping in the sun on my desk

I was at my desk quite early this morning as I have a lot of pictures to sort through and needed to contact several people by email. So I was delighted the sun was shining in on my desk.

Bomble came to sit on the windowsill, something he used to do regularly but in recent times he has preferred our bed for his daytime 'activities' which mostly involve stretching out horizontally.

After a while Bomble jumped across from the window onto my desk and spent a few minutes finding his best position before finally falling asleep. 

I've always loved this position he takes up with his forelegs stretched ahead and his head resting between them. He had the benefit of an old t-shirt to lie on to give him insulation and the sun to warm his head.

The CD pile was part of my rediscovery of Michael Cameron's wonderfully eclectic music compilations he made for all his friends. I found the tracks on my computer but was looking for the names of the songs and artists which hadn't always made it into my iTunes library. I may be sending some of the music to a dear blip friend who needs a new dose of music.

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