Abstract Thursday .....

... filter.

Seeing that the AT theme was filter I went in search for what I knew R must have ... many optical filters.

I knew that we had some "do it yourself" star and heart filters but I also figured that there must also be some others. R has accumulated lots of camera equipment over the years!  I found a few filters that I could use ... unfortunately they were the wrong size for the lens I wanted to use ... my nifty fifty!

But I made do with this optical filter by holding it against my lens as I took pictures of the squirrels.  Not an easy task but I just didn't feel like finding the right size lens to screw it onto! At least the squirrels made it easier for me and were very cooperative.  The squirrel in my main blip is very friendly towards me and will come fairly close looking for his peanuts!

The weather was absolutely crazy today ... one minute it was sunny and the next pouring down rain.  The squirrel in my extra couldn't have cared less .... using his tail as an umbrella!  So cute!  I shot this picture through the rain splashed sunroom glass door .... a natural filter if you will!

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