Runway Drop Off

Banging on the the consternation of...well nope, let's say  the amusement of one of my friends this afternoon just so as I could get my camera up and running to shoot this through the windscreen. To the cars behind; so sorry!

On the runway of the Cotswold Airport which they used as a car park, actually at a charity Christmas sale in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital which this organisation does every year. Not as exciting as usual as the stalls seemed to lack the usual pizazz. 

On Googling the plane MK Airlines various choices came up for me:

"Airline Flights - Book your flight now"  followed hot on the heels with "Flights MK Airlines 73% Off - Amazing savings on flights." Did they actually mean, '73% off the plane' as in 'dropped off' - wings securely attached to the plane for starters are useful - usually. 
"Check your flight status" - well, dodgy at best I would have thought! 
"Group Bookings" ?? Possibly not!

It was in fact a 747 cargo airline operating from Ghana and is now being used for parts :(  A sad state of affairs for such a magnificent plane.

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