a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Winter is here.  Apparently.  Well, certainly this Winter flowering hellibore seems to think so.  At any other time of the year this flower would be overlooked: but now, when the borders are so much emptier, it comes into its own.

I have definitely been feeling much better today - I actually went out in the car for a bit to get a few bits of grocery shopping.  That was probably a mistake, the traffic was a nightmare - clearly the Christmas shopping season has begun.  

With that in mind, I'm currently part way through making the Christmas cake - it's in the oven at least.  

Unfortunately, I think I may have given the bug to Cathy, who is starting to feel a bit seedy :-/. I have suggested that unlike me, she does the sensible thing and give in to it immediately and take it easy.  I suspect that struggling into work on Monday and Tuesday really didn't help.  So she's tucked up in the lounge while I get on with preparing tonight's dinner.  

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