The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Meeting of the Minds

The thumbnail is my father. You probably recognize the fellow second from the right. The time is 1962. President Kennedy is visiting University of California at Berkeley to give a speech at Charter Day. He also spent time talking to some of the physicists there including my father. In the photo are Johnny Foster, my dad Edwin McMillan, Edward Teller, Norris Bradbury, Glen Seaborg, President Kennedy and California Governor Edmond Brown. 

Today I was in Anacortes playing bridge at my brother's house. I noticed he has a large print of this photograph. It is in very faded color. I photographed it and turned it into a black and white photo. You can learn more about Kennedy's visit to UC Berkeley here.

Today was my day to host bridge. Luckily my brother Dave was willing to host at his house instead as I am still somewhat jet lagged after my trip to Paris. I was able to get food for the day but not get my house ready to host. Steve and I drove down carrying the food and ready to help set up. Unfortunately the one thing I forgot to bring was the boards and cards for us to play. So Steve and I rushed back up to Bellingham, got the stuff, and got back to Anacortes only 15 minutes late.

Steve and I were partners and we had fun playing together. As it turned out today's outcome was very close. The scores varied from 22 to 25, a really close margin. Steve and I were the team that got 22. Dave's team was in second place. We had fun playing. 

After the game Dave, Nora, Steve and I went out to dinner at the Brown Lantern. I was beginning to flag by this time so right after dinner I asked Steve to drive home even though it was only around 7 pm. Time to feed the kitties and get ready for bed. Night all!

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