New and Bigger Costco

Costco moved to a new bigger place and today was opening day. After Arvin and I went out for breakfast with the Whatcom Retirees I decided to brave the new Costco. It is definitely big! But wisely they laid it out pretty much the same as our smaller local Costco that is now closed. So Arvin and I had no trouble wandering around and of course buying a bunch of stuff. They had pants in his size that were only $20 so I bought two for him. That was a good thing as some of his pants are dying as we speak. Ha ha. He likes wearing things until they wear out and these have done just that but he's still be wearing them. Now he has nice new ones to replace them.

After that we dropped some stuff off at the mail stop shop to return to Amazon and then did a bit of shopping. It was after 2 pm when we got home and we were both pretty beat. Now we are relaxing at home. Arvin is getting restless but I am not budging. Some days I really need to just stay put even if only for a couple of hours. And today we already did a lot so it is what it is. We have music going and he could watch TV but he said "no" when I asked. I recommended a nap but he's not biting. So oh well. I'm not budging either. ;-)

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