By Veronica


Alternative view in extras. I started Ali Smith's Autumn today, as it's my choice for a future book group meeting. I went to my first book group meeting since June yesterday evening; it was great to see everyone again, and we had a good discussion about A God in Ruins

Before that, S and I had been at the Centre Culturel again, for a film linked to Saturday night's play. It was supposed to be a documentary, Muros, but owing to a subtitling issue, a thriller set in Mexico City, La Zona, was swiftly substituted. It was still very appropriate; set in a gated community, it recounts what happens when a storm causes a breach in the wall, and three adolescent boys from the surrounding slums take the opportunity to get inside and do a bit of burglary. Of course it goes wrong, and the one surviving boy is trapped inside the zone, pursued by vengeful residents. The whole theme of building walls to exclude outsiders, the mentalities they provoke, how they harm insiders as well as outsiders, was well addressed. Maybe some characters could have been better developed, especially the tough cop, but overall it was a good, if grim, film. And good Spanish listening practice too.

Today: at home, taking the opportunity to bake bread: an Italian loaf with green peppercorns in it. While it was baking I hurried out to quickly take some photos, hence a limited selection of subjects jazzed up with a bit of motion blur.

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