By Veronica

Château Cabriac

The return to normal life continues ... back to yoga class this morning. It was a nice relaxing hour and a half. I took my usual scenic route back hoping for a blip, but sadly all the leaves had blown off the birch trees. The vines aren't as spectacular as they were last year either. So here's a quick snap of Château Cabriac, last seen here in early spring.

I finished reading Autumn ... it's a very short book, a novella really. And this evening we went out for pizza in Fabrezan with U and D, whom we haven't seen for several months.

In other news, I forgot to mention earlier that S discovered the other day that Evil Neighbour Cat had had an argument with a car while we were away, and is now confined to the house while he recovers. I wouldn't wish a car accident even on ENC, but it has made Mystère's life a lot less stressful.

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