By Veronica


I stopped blipping my one street for ages because nothing was happening. I was able to report some progress back in July, and now matters have advanced still further. The "market hall" is finished, and they have put down some quite classy paving. More buildings have been demolished, and we reckoned some of the medieval town wall is now exposed -- incorporated into houses up till now. You can just see it in the background here -- a better view in my extra, under the arm of the digger. As you can see, I couldn't get any closer.

A market trader we know told us a while ago that the market would be moving to this square in January. This is starting to look plausible. I used to wonder how it would fit, but now you can see just how much space there will be, especially after they've demolished a few more slums. It could be very attractive -- certainly better than before. And it won't be a car park any more. Quite a bonus for the people living around the edges.

Market was good this morning -- we met practically everyone we know and spent more time chatting than we did shopping. As you can see, no more blue sky, but it's not cold.

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