By Veronica

Tree pose

On the way to my yoga class today I was completely spellbound by the autumn colours (as far as it's possible to be while driving). It's impossible to convey it with a single photo -- you need to be driving through the landscape, its squares of deep red, yellow, and flaming orange with occasional blocks of brown or green, and the light constantly changing and throwing different parts into relief. I can't remember it being this dazzling before -- not just the vines but the trees as well. It's not just the warm weather but the fact that it hasn't been windy, so leaves haven't blown off as they normally would.

On the way back I swerved off my route to admire a birch plantation -- not a common sight here. Sadly most of the leaves were gone, but I still spent half an hour there, taking photos from every angle. Judging by the leaves on the ground, it must have been magnificent just a few days ago. S's blip choice was this, and it's certainly appropriate to my wobbly efforts at the tree pose today, i.e. leaning slightly. But there's something about this long view that appeals to me. 

Nearby there was a shed that would make a fine subject for derelict Sunday! I love all those running repairs. Complete set right from here. Unless it's raining I suspect you're going to see a vine blip from me tomorrow as well.

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