Adam's Images

By ajt

What is it?

Early start and moderately late finish today, though not quite as bad as my colleague from Ireland, who started at 3am and had to fly back in one day.

Today's blip is a close-up of something, can you guess what it is? I actually took it to send the manufacturer to identify them. I know it says "Red Wing Shoes" but I don't know which ones?

So I for once I don't know the answer, but I've sent pictures, including this one to Red Wing to see if they can identify them for me.

My better half has been researching her late father's military career today. She had always known he had been a para, and we recently discovered he was decorated too, but today she checked his regiment, it wasn't regular paras, but one of the French SAS equivalents, in fact it started life in the British Army as a Free French Unit of the SAS...! He never spoke of what he did while in the army, and knowing what unit he was in probably explains why...

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