By Jostijn


Day 1 of the citytrip in Berlin.
After a long night in the Flixbus we arrived at 9 am in Berlin and headed straight to the Teufelsberg. A Cold War radar station on top of a hill to the southwest of the city. It took us an hour walking but it was completely worth it.  
The wind was blowing very hard and with temperatures of 3 degrees Celsius it felt really cold. Inside there were so many beautiful works of graffiti art and on top of the building the sound of clappering cloth was a bit eerie.
After that we went to our Airbnb and rented a bike. 
Cycling in this city is a different experience than at home, quite tricky to say at least. Most often we weren't sure where to go, on the streets, on the sidewalk, it is so much different than at home, but the other traffic was very kind. 
We explored the city's highlights: Brandenburger Tor, the memorial for fallen jews, Potsdamer Platz, the big cathedral, Reichstag, and had a lovely dinner at The Bowl, a vegan restaurant in Friedrichshain.
By accident we cycled by the East Side Gallery and I finally got to see the famous painting of Dmitri Vrubel: the kissing of Brezhnev and Honecker.

Also, I found out I had a flat front tyre so we had to walk for 1,5h back to the Airbnb.....

The photo above is Eline, cycling to the Berliner Dom in the rain. We had a lot of rain... In the back you see the Fernsehturm.

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