By Jostijn


Day 2 started with a nice sun! 
We cycled via the Templehof airfield to Alexanderplatz and did some more sight seeing. Unfortunately, almost the whole square was filled with a closed Christmas market, so this is the only thing we could see.

We had another lovely dinner at a Taiwan restaurant nearby the bus stop and went home at 9 pm again.
The 9 hour drive was horrible, next to the clappering door of the toilet, a drunk polish who smoked on the toilet (luckily, he got a warning from the driver). I got 2 hours of sleep... Arrived at 6 am at Eindhoven, to catch the train to Tilburg.
Train, plain, car, anything will do. Never again I will be on board of a Flixbus. 

Off to bed now. ;)

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