Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Wow. What a day! Week even! I am blipping this on 23/11 and need to catch up on four days, and it has just past midnight!

The day began with dropping G off at school; then doing stuff for the new website before collecting her, armed with a lunch she could eat in the car as we had a meeting within thirty minutes, further up the road (in Knowledge Village). We made it on time and had a very good hour chatting with a young lady who heads a charity who work with children traumatised by war using art. It sounded great, and she liked the idea of what we were doing too, so we will keep in touch.

Meeting over, and we raced back to the car to get over to the other side of town as quickly as possible in order for G to catch whatever was left of the EdEx Conference - organised by my ex-company! Saw lots of my old colleagues and sat in on two specialist seminars. Our friend Shabnam walked in and as she is home alone at the moment, invited us over for a cup of tea, so we went! (Our Bible study had been cancelled by this stage).

I'm really pleased we went over to Shabnam's as it was great to just have a big catch-up. We said our goodbyes as she needed to prepare for a business trip to Lagos the next day, and we needed to get back anyway. Called in to at Yahala to pick-up a shawarma but had the fruit cocktail juices delivered to the flat... a very full and busy day. Phew!

PS. My blip is from the main part of the Conference. We popped into the room for the shortest time just to see what was happening.

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