Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I had a few errands to run this morning, and it was great to have my car to do them with!

First stop was Wafi where I seemed to time it just right to access the car park I like. Ever since VFS (the visa processing company) set up shop there, it's been a nightmare to go to Wafi on a weekday morning.

Next, it was over to Volvo via Floating Bridge. I wondered about my decision to choose a free crossing given how long it took, but the car was fine and when we got to Volvo, it presented the problem that I've found almost impossible to explain! "Misfiring" was the word I needed! I was annoyed with my service advisor for not answering calls or messages this week but was impressed with how he organised his quality control test driver to check the car immediately while I was there.

As there are a number of things to sort out, we've decided to source all the parts before I hand the car back. It needs to get ready for registration. Had a quick whizz around Carrefour before finally getting home for lunch. G had been in a while, and we had leftovers from yesterday's dinner i.e. a doggy bag!

I've lost another afternoon/evening trying to transfer data over to this new Android phone. I thought WhatsApp would be able to backup chats and media from a WP backup, but alas - NO! I'd love to know why! So much didn't get done trying to work that out, and I might just have to resign myself to losing conversation threads forever.

My blip is of one of the roofs in Wafi; I hadn't noticed that detail before. The extra is the Mall getting ready for Commemoration Day and the UAE 47th National Day (2nd December). It also highlights the Year of Zayed, one of our founding fathers; he was born in 1918.

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