Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Red flag

Today seemed to be full of challenges, so much so that when I dropped G off in the morning, I took myself to the Beach and sat and observed this view for a while. The yellow line caught my eye and I wanted to know what is it, so I took G back to see it.

A friend of SweetArt has arrived in town for 24 hours with a package, so we had to collect it and drop one off to take back to Hong Kong. The pickup involved visiting a hotel that we've seen from the outside for years, but never been in so today, that changed. The JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay - what a fabulous place! One package collected, and one delivered; we decided to have a light lunch. We chose The Lounge (see extra).

Back home for the afternoon. We have a free evening (no Salvation Army service), so reckoned it's a good opportunity to check out the new season of Global Village. We were about to step out of the door when our cleaner came to announce that he is leaving. Argh! This time he's given us a couple of weeks notice. He says he will be away for two months and then back to Dubai. I really hope so.

Then on the way to Global Village, we got news that my brother-in-law in Pakistan has been taken seriously ill suddenly. I managed to have a chat with my sister, who was very shaken. It is in the early stages, so we will have a much better picture of things tomorrow.

I did wonder if we should just turn round and head home, but it wouldn't have made a difference to anything. It really was just a reccy trip. There are a few spectacular changes to the site; the first one we noticed was LED lighting in the main fountain. The other is this street food market on the canal. We left after three and a half hours - our feet had had enough!

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