Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Both ends of the day ...

A busy day was bracketed by - for once! - some dramatic light. So my main photo was taken about 8am, some time before the sun rose over the hills above Gourock. When I first looked out before 7am, the sky was completely clear except for what looked like snow falling in the direction of Loch Eck, but by the time I'd had breakfast the clouds had moved right over us and towards the other side of the Firth. The colours aren't quite right in this - the sky was more pink than gold - but I like the way the light is reflected in the still water, with the plume of smoke from someone's chimney drifting in front of it.

My extra photo was taken from the prow of one of the Western Ferries as we headed towards Hunter's Quay. There are showers falling in several places on the Argyll side, but in between the clouds peeps the fresh snow on one of the higher hills.

Today felt like winter, and I enjoyed it...

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