Going for it!

Friday morning was Muffins with Mom at Sugar's school.  We enjoyed a muffin together before school.  I don't usually eat Wheat or Sugar, but I decided not to be difficult and just enjoy my time with my girl. Then....the way I think....I already cheated, so at the work potluck...I might as well GO FOR IT!  So...yeah...I gorged myself on both wheat and Sugar.

Friday is always a half day for Sugar, and she loves it.  She went to hear cousin's house after school, and when I arrived to pick her up....they were playing some basketball.  It was a hoot to watch.   I was hyped up on Sugar, and might have enjoyed it more than others. 

Sugar and I headed home for dinner, and some of our shows!  We have been sucked into the series "Once Upon a Time."  It was a perfect Friday.

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