By Livingandloving

Beach Play

Saturday, us girls we up and doing chores fairly early.  We watched one of our shows (yes, we are addicted), and worked on some homework, and rock painting.  The Hubby arrived home, and invited us to head to the beach.  We bundled up, and headed out.  It was a pretty day at the beach for sure.  The Hubby did some fishing, while Sugar and I gathered rocks for painting.  Then Sugar did some surf dancing, while I sat and did some reading for work.  It was the perfect environment for the whole family. 

When we got back, Sugar showered and dressed, so that I could take her into town to meet a friend for The Nutcracker.  She had friends performing....and looked forward to her evening with her friend whom had moved away this summer.  After the show, they went back to the hotel for swimming.....giggling....and sleeping over. 

After dropping Sugar off for the show, I headed home for some fresh made fish tacos The Hubby had made for me.  YUM!  I'm a lucky lady!

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