Cum Scientia Caritas

Compassion empowered with Knowledge* is the motto of the Royal College of GPs which Rachel is now a member of

of which Rachel is now a member? I never did master grammar  :-)

We went to her gowning ceremony today with her husband Tim.  Held at Hensol Castle near Cardiff which is a great location.  

The formal photographers had the usual setup in one of the side rooms, but after taking the photographs, gave everyone a memory stick which went into one of several laptops so we could immediately see the images and choose which ones we wanted. 

In the extra, one of Rachel with Professor Mayur Lakhani who is the current president.  The main image is one I shot outside which was a compromise between harsh shadows in the bright sunshine and/or a distracting background. 

Thanks to everyone who has commented, scattered stars and/or viewed my journal over the past few days when I have been short of time to return the compliment.    Gill's mum is now in hospital for at least a few days while x rays and tests are done  ... very definitely not out of the woods.   

*just my viewpoint ... it is fascinating and also uplifting to see Rachel talking to Iris as a granddaughter, and then explaining the treatment to us with the science & statistics left in. 

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