Wellied ducks

Thanks very much for your kind comments and congrats for yesterday's 'ruby' moment ! Today's it's DJ's birthday and we were surprised at 06:30 am by a gamelan serenade with chanting. I don't think it was for DJ's birthday, but it was kind of funny as he kept on asking if I organised this as well. And as we had gone to bed rather early after a most delicious meal last night it didn't matter so much that we were up by 7 am ...  After breakfast a group of the staff here came to bring DJ a birthday cake with lit candles and a Happy Birthday chorus as well.  It's a sunny hot day today, but we did manage a walk to the market square here. Now resting a bit and up for a swim !

I captured funny things during the walk, see the extra for a quartet of funny things, but I thought these wellied ducks merited a Blip on their own. For Silly Saturday with thanks to admirer for hosting.

Don't forget to post a comment with your 5 favourites out of all the AT126 entries here in my journal today, if you haven't done so yet, and thanks for helping me !

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