Celebration time

40 years ago I was a student at the Delft University of Technology and I was one of the managers of a student club discotheque. As that discotheque was having a lustrum we had organised a party, with a tropical theme. Loads and loads of sand were used to make it look like a tropical beach. Although this wasn't usual (girls were invited to parties by boys !) as an organiser I thought it was only reasonable that I chose my own date  and so I invited that nice boy with whom I had spent most of the summer barkeeping in that same discotheque. I heard he was having his birthday the next day, so I had a present ready for when midnight would strike. That was the night we became a couple !Who would have thought that 40 years later we're still together and celebrating his birthday tomorrow and our becoming a couple then today. I definitely can't wear the skimpy leopard patterned dress I wore then and it is starting to look unlikely we can have a romantic dinner on the beach (that was the plan, but we're in for a couple of heavy rain showers around dinner time, so it seems) but then we'll celebrate it with a dinner in our holiday villa instead and we're definitely in the tropics :-)

Today was mostly spent acclimatising, we had fun relaxing on sunbeds at the beach, watching people go by. Very popular place for wedding shoots, there were 4 couples doing shoots within an hour (see extra)

The frangipani/plumeria flowers and the heart-shaped soaps were gifts from the villa, for Flower Friday, with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting.

Don't forget to give me your list of 5 Abstract Thursday favourites as a comment either today or tomorrow !

Thank you for the kind comments, stars and a fave for yesterday's clouds

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