You know that in the past I have “waxed lyrical” about the service we get at our opticians, Leightons.  We called in there last week when we were in Old Town because Mr. HCB needed some new batteries for his hearing aids and as usual were treated royally.

Kate, the Manager, had been off sick for about 6 weeks and we said we had missed her, but we were surprised to see a new young lady on the reception desk with Kirsten.  It transpires that Dawn, the receptionist we dealt with most, had now retired.  However, Kate assured us that we would get the same brilliant service!

I told Kate that I had given them a good “write-up” in a recent “Seat With A View” where the seat just happened to be over the road from the shop, and told her the date so that she could have a look.  She explained to the new young lady that quite a few “silly” photographs had been taken with me as the subject and from the look on her face, she wasn't surprised!

Then Kate brought out a number of silly hats and said that Mr. HCB could have his photograph taken wearing one.  I quickly stopped that happening, saying it was only Wednesday and if he was going to look silly, then I would love to come back on Saturday and use him in my Silly Saturday challenge so Kate said that was fine - she would wait for us.

We duly went into the shop this morning and thankfully a customer was just leaving, so we were able to be quite silly.  Kate commandeered Chris, who works part time in Swindon and also in some of the other branches, much to his dismay.  Mr. HCB was given the “Bah Humbug” hat although he is not at all like that really.  I told Kate that she was welcome to be in the photograph too, and I thought it might be good if they all wore sunglasses, so hats and sunglasses on and Blip done!

Here they are all wearing silly hats - not the best photograph I have ever taken, but I was concerned that another customer would come in and wonder what was going on so took the photograph quite quickly.  I did give them a box of lovely chocolate biscuits so consider it was “tit for tat” - and I got a Blip with plenty of banter into the bargain!

I am so grateful to Mr. HCB, Chris and Kate for being such good sports and after all, it is only a month until Christmas. 

“Why fit in when you were born
     to stand out?”
Dr. Seuss

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