We had to take the car in for its first service 12,500 mile service today - shame really because we have only done 4,500 miles, but it’s now almost a year old, so it had to be done.

It was called a “Waiting Service” meaning that it would be done quite quickly, so we decided to wander over to Sainsbury’s and have a coffee.  On the way there, we were appalled by the amount of litter along the hedgerows so I decided to take some photographs.  What possesses people to just throw their rubbish away like this?  And have you ever seen a tin can on the branch of a tree?  

When I was taking the photograph of the scarf tied onto the barbed wire fence, a little boy riding his bike, aged about 3, who was with his mother, asked “Why are you taking pictures?”  His mother was nearby with an older child and another little one in a pushchair, so I explained to him that I was very upset that people just threw away their rubbish and didn’t take it home with them, which seemed to satisfy him, so he carried on riding his bike up and down.  

We then we had a lovely conversation with the mother about how we bring children up and how we explain to them about not leaving their rubbish for someone else to clear up.  What a lovely mum and she is obviously doing a good job with her children.

In the middle of the collage is a “nod” to Flower Friday with the lovely cotoneaster berries - surrounded by a lot of the litter - and there was more - left to spoil and contaminate our hedgerows and streets by those who should know better.  I know my saying this won’t make a scrap of difference, but I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing that the people who make these messes were more responsible and took their litter home with them!

“We are living 
     on this planet
          as if we have another one 
               to go to.”
Terri Swearingen

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