We decided to go out for a walk this morning which ended up with us not going too far, as it started to rain quite heavily.  However, we popped into the M & S Food store that is attached to the new petrol station just down the road from us, bought a newspaper and some bread and there just happened to be a box of Double Chocolate Mini Rolls reduced in price - well who could turn down an offer like that?

We got very wet walking home, but it was fun and although it was quite chilly, we were warm and snug with our anoraks, hats, gloves and scarves on and of course, when we got in, the first thing I did was put on the kettle and open the box of Mini Rolls.

Lots of you will know that my birthday is on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas Day, so all through December Mr. HCB grabs the post and sorts out any cards that are addressed just to me and keeps them until the 26th December.

When we got home after our walk, the postman had been and with all the other post, most of it rubbish, a card was addressed to “Mrs. HCB” so I just knew it had to be from a Blip friend and I was right.  I’m not suggesting it was a silly card, in fact, you will see from the shot that it is a pretty card, but what was silly was the fact that I put a candle into two of the Mini Rolls, then stood them on top of the fireplace and asked Mr. HCB if he would sing Happy Birthday to me - which he did twice!!  Now that was silly, but the thoughtful words inside the card said:

Dear Maureen,
An early (1 month) birthday wish so you can enjoy it 
without all the Christmas cards etc.
Happy Early Birthday,
Lots of Love
C xx

This card will now stay on the mantelpiece and I will be grateful to C every time I see it because believe me, it’s not much fun having a birthday at Christmas!

Today I am grateful for:

1.  Kind friends who think of doing “fun” things
2.  Mr. HCB who sang “Happy Birthday” to me and made me giggle
3.  Double Chocolate Mini Rolls

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