We have some special Swiss friends we haven’t seen for sometime but we know they spend time at their home in Switzerland and also at their home in America.

We keep in touch by email or by sending the occasional card to each other, so we were thrilled yesterday when a card came through the letterbox from them in America, so I have played with it a little in my Photoscape X app on my Macbook and turned it into an abstract for today’s Abstract Thursday challenge, the subject for which is “distortion”.

In this country, we don’t have a special Thanksgiving holiday;  however our friend reminded us “It is a special time of the year here in the States - there is so much going on about the special Holiday.”  She went on to say that they celebrate in a much simpler way in Switzerland, but that we need to be grateful every single day of our lives for all that God has provided for us.

Today is a day of reflecting and thinking of all the people who have crossed our path, shared our journey and perhaps some who are no longer with us but who have all left imprints on our lives. 

Mr. HCB and I are grateful for friends not only in this country, but all over the world and even though we may not see some of them from year to year, they are often in our thoughts and prayers.

So we send our love to friends near and far and pray that you will, as this lovely card says, find Blessings All Around on this Thanksgiving Day.

“GRATITUDE can transform
     common days into
turn routine jobs
     into joy,
and change ordinary
     opportunities into
William Arthur Ward

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