.....DISSECTOLOGIST!!  I’m sure you can guess what that is by looking at my photograph for today - it’s someone who enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles.  

This one has been brought downstairs to be done in the run up to Christmas, because it depicts an old-fashioned Christmas scene and Mr. HCB informed me that although he had bought this one just before Christmas last year, he didn’t have time to do it then, so is making sure he does it this year.  We had to find a large piece of cardboard for this one, because the special green baize cloth he has upstairs currently has a partly-done  jigsaw on it.  

I do not share this interest with him although just recently he has acquired several Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzles, and for those who don’t know what they are, have a look here, so I might try and do one of the smaller ones that only have 140 pieces - those I can cope with, but anything above that and I lose interest.  

There is one “upside” to this for Mr. HCB - he never has to worry that I will come along and say “This piece goes there!”  This might be more difficult if he was married to our next door neighbour, because she is a dissectologist too - in fact, they often swap puzzles.

Nor do I share Mr. HCB's interest in doing Sudoku puzzles, which he really enjoys - I just can’t get my head round all those figures - but he does at least two every day and assures me that it keeps his brain active!

Today is a damp, grey, dismal and very windy day and now that the winter is upon us and especially as Mr. HCB can’t do much in the garden, I’m sure he will either be doing jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku or reading - we are grateful we have a warm and comfortable home where we can be together and do the things we enjoy doing.

“You are a piece 
     of the puzzle 
          of someone else’s life. 
You may never know where you fit, 
     but others will fill the holes 
          in their lives 
               with pieces of you.” 
Bonnie Arbor

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments, stars and hearts on yesterday’s Blip of our lovely friend, Karen.  I was busy during the day and out in the evening, so didn’t get a chance to say thank you or comment but I am very grateful to you all.

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