Today was a much better day weather-wise than yesterday - when I woke up, as usual Mr. HCB was already downstairs, but I could see the sun through the curtains, so I drew them and could see that there had been a very hard frost overnight.  Good for those who are growing Brussels Sprouts - Mr. HCB’s father always said they were much better after a good frost and I think he was right.

We decided to go into the library, so because we have free bus passes, always go on the bus - and as we walked over to the bus stop, I could see some beautiful leaves on the grass, so stopped to take a few photographs - and I thought these looked rather like God’s abstracts in creation.

I must now confess that I have given up on my Canon camera - I spoke to our son, Martyn, when he called round yesterday, and said that I wasn’t getting on very well with it and found it quite heavy, so wasn’t really enjoying using it, so his words were “Get rid of it then!”  

As there was a very good deal - £100 cashback - on the Panasonic Lumix I had traded in for the Canon, I went back to T4 Cameras and spoke to a lovely guy in there.  I explained that I had not been happy, which he already knew, and wanted to part exchange it and he was quite happy.  I explained that I had liked the Lumix but to upgrade to the Canon had traded it in a few months ago, but felt that I had given it my best shot and now was the time to change - especially as there was such a good offer at the moment.  He agreed with me and said that the Lumix was a good little camera and as I still had my Canon SX50 Bridge camera, I would have the best of both worlds.

So deal done, we are now back home and I am waiting for the camera to charge.  If anyone has a Canon EOS 200D and wants a Manual, please let me know - I bought it to try and get to grips with the Canon a couple of months ago. 

Today I am grateful for:

1.  The beauty of creation and seeing the sun shining after a miserable day yesterday
2.  Having coffee with Mr. HCB, meeting two lovely ladies in the café - and giving them both a heart to bless them
3.  A new camera - and a husband who didn’t even blink when I had to pay some extra money!

P.S.  I realise my shot has nothing whatsoever to do with the AT theme of “togetherness”, but we don’t get many mornings with such a hard frost and beautiful leaves.

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