Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


After a night of heavy rain, it was much too wet to even venture out into the garden to look for a flower for today’s challenge.  It was still raining hard when I was due to go out and meet a friend for coffee but once we got to Jack’s Coffee Shop, we enjoyed meeting up again after not seeing each other for a while and spent a couple of hours together.

I popped in to see my Mum afterwards - she isn’t too well at the moment - so our main aim is to keep her as comfortable as possible.  I didn’t stay too long as she said she was tired, so having made sure she had all she needed, I left.

These roses are the ones I blipped on the 9th November, and earlier this week, when they looked as if they were ready to be consigned to the compost heap I tipped out the remaining water and just left them sitting in the vase on the windowsill.

The roses have now dried out but still look beautiful, although they are fading now and will probably end up with all my other fading roses dotted around the house.  Although they don’t look that good to anyone other than a Blipper, I like them.

The rain is still falling so I decided to have a little play with the various functions on my camera - a good afternoon to be fartnarkling about, so here is the finished shot.  All I’ve done is cropped it slightly but it’s a good job I’ve had Blip and been able to play around, to take my mind off things.

Have just spent the last hour trying to sort out my Mum’s prescriptions - everyone was very helpful, but said that they can’t promise anything as it’s Friday afternoon - I think I need a strong glass of something before I do battle with the surgery! 

“Real beauty is in the fragility 
     of your petals. 
A rose that never wilts 
     isn’t a rose at all.”
Crystal Woods

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