Sometimes I forget to look at the subject for the various challenges, and today was no exception.  However, after a good evening at our local theatre last night, at a Christmas Rock and Roll Variety Show, which didn’t finish until 10.50 p.m. I had arranged to meet a friend at Jack’s Coffee Shop just after 9.00 a.m. so had to be up and out quite early.  Consequently, I only looked at the subject for Abstract Thursday on the way up to meet her.  We had a great time catching up as we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but were talking so much that I didn’t really have a chance to look for any “lines”.

On my way down to meet Mr. HCB at the library, I spotted several “lines” but couldn’t choose between two of the shots I took - so when I got home, asked Mr. HCB if he would choose for me.  He said he liked the one I have put in as an extra, because there were indeed plenty of lines on the gates and the building of the old Technical College, which is now refurbished as flats, but he liked the one I have chosen as my main shot because the lines weren’t just straight.

I captured this as I walked past the Cenotaph after we had been into the library and thought anyway, we shouldn’t just remember all those who sacrificed their lives on one day a year - so this will perhaps help us to remember them again. Not only does it show the lines of the wrought iron railings and the wreaths that were laid at the foot of the Cenotaph on Sunday, 10th November, during the Remembrance Service, but also the knitted and crocheted poppies that were made and adorn the railings, together with lots of fallen leaves.  I have tried to find out who made these poppies, but sadly, Mr. Google wasn’t able to help me on this occasion.

I apologise for not commenting last night, due to being out at the theatre, so will try and catch up with you all today.  I did call into the DEBRA charity shop whilst I was in Old Town this morning to take a copy of yesterday’s Blip.  Sarah, the Manager, was delighted to see it and to hear that we gave a “shout out” to them on the programme yesterday - if any of you would like to hear Heather and Wendy talking, the Podcast  is now up on the website (just scroll down and look for Girls About Town) - it took me 2 hours of struggling to get it on there - just when I didn’t need the extra stress, but I guess that’s life and it got sorted eventually.

“You see, the thing is, 
     we write our own eulogies. 
Someone else delivers it, yes, 
     but each of us authors his own 
          in the life he lives 
               and the memories he leaves.” 
Leonard Pitts Jr.

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