Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Mr. HCB and his friend, Barry, were due to go and collect some manure for the garden this morning, but it was raining quite hard, and even sleeting at times, so they decided to postpone it - which I am pleased about for two reasons - (1) it would not have been good shovelling manure in the rain and (2) I dread to think of the whiff of manure on Mr. HCB’s clothes!

However, Barry needed help with a job at his house, so Mr. HCB went to help him and came back a while later.  I had just had my shower, so was still in my pink robe and after I had cleared some clutter from the lounge, we decided we needed to go and sort out quilts and bedding in our spare room, which we duly did.

By that time it was almost 2.30 and it hardly seemed worth getting dressed, especially as it was still raining and very cold, so I challenged Mr. HCB to a game of Crib - we played a lot on holiday and at the moment - because I have been keeping the scores, Mr. HCB is beating me by two games.  We have just played two more games and won one each, so it seemed a good idea to Blip my very good hand.

Our older son, Martyn, has just rung to ask if we are in as he is on his way back from Reading and thought he would pop in for a cuppa and a chat in about half an hour - I said it would be lovely to see him - and don’t think I will even bother to get dressed;  that’s what you can do when you’re retired!

Today I am grateful for:

1.  A cosy warm home when it is cold and dismal outside and of course, my pink robe
2.  Enough food in the fridge and cupboard for our meal this evening
3.  An encouraging text from Barry’s wife, Joy, which cheered me up

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