In the stell

Another quite relaxing day - two in a row, must be a record!

For the second day running, we slept in late and, much to my horror, the electrician arrived, unannounced, while I was still in my dressing gown and slippers. We had asked him to come and look at the ancient wiring in the flat, but hadn't expected him to arrive on a Sunday morning! 

After he'd gone, we had a late morning stroll on the Common with Louie - bitterly cold, but lovely to be out. Had a peep in to the stell (walled garden), and was surprised to see honeysuckle and feverfew both in flower so late in the year. They were in a sunny spot, but there was thick ice on the ground on the other side of the garden.

It was a bit too late for a long walk as we had half planned so, after a quick lunch we opted to drive over to Low Newton for a walk on the beach before going in to see friends perform (as Blue Edge, a jazz/blues duo) at the Ship Inn. Louie enjoyed pottering along on the sand and joined us in the pub, where there was a welcoming, roaring fire. A very pleasant place to spend an hour or so. Home for a roast dinner and - hopefully - a bit more relaxation before another week working on reports.

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