An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The morning after the night before...

So, all that was left to do last night was wait till midnight when I had priority access to Tesco's Christmas delivery slots, log on to the Tesco website and book my preferred time (between 11am and midday on 23rd December if you're interested :-)  Whilst I was waiting for midnight to roll around I made good use of my time and booked all the other delivery slots I want in December.  

By 12.05 I had my chosen Christmas delivery slot in the bag.  Result :-)

David and Lola were asleep on the sofa so I thought I would have a quick look at Blip before going to bed.  Of course within minutes I had dozed off and awoke with a start at 1.30am.  Woke David up and we began the usual routine of putting Lola and the house to bed.  

To our surprise Lola didn't want her bedtime biscuit and didn't want to go in her crate.  David couldn't persuade her to move from the sofa.  She half sat up as though she was going to get off but instead she heaved and her dinner made a surprising reappearance.  Thankfully onto the throw and not the sofa!

She got onto the floor and was sick again!  The wee soul looked so sad.  We decided we would both sleep downstairs with her (David to keep an eye on her and me to keep and eye on her when David does he thrice nightly check on Alan.)

David and Lola were asleep again quite quickly,  I was still awake at 4.30am!  I finally fell asleep and woke up at 7.30am when David's alarm went off.  He went to check on Alan and Lola got off the sofa and came and lay on the floor beside my chair and promptly heaved again, this time just frothy bile (I know, TMI.  Apologies)

I fired messages off to my doggy expert pals and got instant advice.  Keep an eye on her, no food just some chicken water.  

I am pleased to report that as the day has gone on, she has been her usual bouncy self.  She went out for her morning walk without any protest and was her usual inquisitive self.  No issues during the day.  She scoffed the chicken water.  After 12 hours of no food we gave her a little turkey mince and she scoffed it.  So far so good.  Very odd.  Assume she's eaten something that upset her.

So the day has been quieter than we thought it would be as we didn't want to go anywhere incase Lola threw up again.  This meant I managed to complete this week's lesson for my online floral photography course.  I enjoyed this week as it was about experimenting using the knowledge gained on lessons one and two of the course.   I would like to have spent longer on the photography but we have the decorators coming in tomorrow to start wallpapering the hall and David needed to clear the space and take the curtains down so I was back on Lola watch.

I was going to blip the flower in extras but went with the foliage instead as I like the way the leaves form layers as they start of as a tiny bud then separate and grow.  

Looking forward to finding out this week's lesson tomorrow morning.

P.S. See second extra photo.  
 “Someone” waited till I had sat down and put my feet up this evening before sneaking off and rummaging in a forbidden box, pulling it onto the floor for easier access. Any idea who may be responsible? Lola is using her right to remain silent but I think that face is all the evidence I need!  

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