I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Golf Course Etiquette, Please!

The Canadian Geese have yet to remember their golf course etiquette. When a player is approaching the green, please step aside...and oh, by the way...please clean up after yourselves. (as if!!)

I was over helping Judy with Mr. Busys' medication this afternoon.  We were outside enjoying the last of the sleeveless shirts, shorts type day, and watching the golfers go by. (His house overlooks the 7th green.)

My round of golf was the best I have had in over a year. I tweaked my back yesterday while making the bed (darn those hospital corners!) which slowed my swing down a bit and then I was actually following through. Should have made the bed sooner!

Tomorrow, we have a wind advisory of gusts up to 40mph then the temperatures are going to be in the normal range for this time of year. Good bye shorts and sleeveless shirts.

I am grateful to be out in the sunshine and warmth, enjoying friends, family and a great round of golf.

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