OK, 23:39 on Sunday.

I was at Lidl about 8:15. Sunrise. At this time of year dawn is quite spectacular in the Lidl car park, looking over the Firth of Forth to the Lammermoor Hills in East Lothian.

I had my camera with me, but it was very cold and I was very hungry - Lidl croissants were on the breakfast menu. So, no Blipped dawn.

From there the day progressed to ironing, soup making (borscht), gardening (raking leaves) and then desk work. I finished that lot about 18:15.

Then I put my feet up for 30 minutes, before heading over to Edinburgh for Junior’s team playing Sheffield Universities at 20:30 (stopping on the way at Tony Macaroni’s for a pizza).    

Day of rest?

The Blip is Junior sitting out a 2 minute interference penalty. He’s looking rueful. It was a silly penalty to give away. His team won 7-3, and overall they played very well.

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