By alexboyd

Gerry Cambridge

I am privileged to be friends with many people who defy easy categorisation - one of these is Gerry Cambridge.

A poet perhaps? - his recent collection 'Notes for Lighting A Fire' received excellent reviews when it was released last year, and is now on its third print edition. It ranks as one of my personal favourites of recent years, and is highly recommended if you haven't already read it.

A photographer? - His 1999 book 'Nothing but Heather' successfully merged his beautifully crafted poems with equally well observed images - An editor? - In 1995 he founded The Dark Horse Press. He is also a lecturer, an award winning book designer...

The list of things Gerry has turned his hand to successfully (and rather infuriatingly) does go on. He even plays harmonica - ranking himself rather tongue-in-cheekly as 'among Scotland's top 200'.

I managed to steal a few hours of his time today on one of his regular visits back to Ayrshire to make a wet-plate collodion portrait (seen above) in my little improvised studio. His company was as ever a pleasure, I just hope he doesn't decide to take an interest in historic photographic processes!

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