If you can't beat them...

By Jerra


For a change it was a dry morning and as there is nobody in the Lodge until Christmas we were in no rush to get there.  A detour by the lake was the order of the day.  I was rather surprised (I shouldn't have been remembering the weather we have been having) at the level of the lake.  Much of the foreshore had disappeared so getting good views was difficult.
Finally I decided on this one looking along the lake (roughly) towards Pooley Bridge.  Mentioning Pooley Bridge  reminds me there is a new problem there.  The bridge will be closed for an estimated 9 months while the temporary bridge is removed and the new one installed.  As you can imagine this is going down like a lead balloon with the businesses in the village.  There isn't even a footbridge planned as that would add an estimated £200,000 to the bill.

From the lake we headed for the Lodge where we began the end of season deep clean prior to the Visit England inspection early in the New Year.  There is also a bit of maintenance/refurbishment to do which can't be done between guests.

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