Miss E has never found falling asleep very easy. Even when she was tiny she would lay awake for ages at night before going to sleep. She never got out of bed or came down so we couldn't really do anything about it. She always got up for school without a problem and has always done well at school so it's not been too much of a problem and it's just been something we've lived with.
I fall asleep listening to audio books so we tried that for her - first with CDs and now with Audible but that only had the effect of keeping her up late to listen to them! 
Over the last few months it's been becoming more and more of a problem. She was regularly up after 10pm and more recently it's been 11pm and midnight. 
In recent weeks when I go up to bed I've always heard her tiny voice saying "goodnight" to me as I passed. Sigh!!!
She says she wants to sleep but can't.
Me snapping "you could but you're just not trying" probably isn't helpful.
For months I've been meaning to make an appointment to speak to a hypnotherapist who was recommended by another school mum. But - typical of me - I haven't got round to it. Hoping it'll all miraculously go away and she'll go to sleep at 8pm and not wake up like a grumpy sleep deprived harpy in the mornings.
Which leads to much shouting from all of us.
It's been getting so awful in the past few weeks that I finally made the appointment and today was the day.
I picked her up half an hour early from school and we headed to the appointment.
I was surprisingly nervous going in. I had no idea what to expect. 
We went into the room where they'd be chatting and checked Miss E was happy with it, then we went to the room where I'd be - to make sure Miss E knew where I was and that I was close. Then they went off and I passed the time carrying on with a partially done Amsterdam jigsaw. I could hear peals of laughter coming from next door so guessed everything was OK!
The hour passed in a flash. I forget how relaxing jigsaws are. And how they focus the mind!!
Miss E chatted a lot on the way home about what they'd talked about. Techniques they'd talked about to enable her to switch off and get to sleep.
It all sounded very positive and hopefully it'll help.
I'm not expecting miracles but hopefully just the idea that she can control her sleeping patterns will help. Rather than a defeatist "I just can't fall asleep"
We'll see!!
She went off tonight with a little character toy which represents the fun loving, creative part of her mind. He needs to go away when it's time for sleep!!
I went up to bed at about 10pm - Mr K's working late as he has been all this week - and she was either asleep or pretending to be!! Fingers crossed it was the former!

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