Back to work after over 3 weeks.

I was up in good time & went downstairs to let the dog out. Stupidly, I slammed the kitchen door on my thumb. Very painful and still throbbing now! I considered having a cry but what's the point of crying without an audience?

Great to be back at work. All the staff were making a fuss of me and making sure I don't overdo it.

Tuesday is usually the "difficult" day but we were 3 members down. 

One was in Respite, one had fallen and was in hospital and the 3rd suffered a stroke. Really, all three are close to the end of their time with us.  I shall be surprised if we see 2 of them again.

The photo is of the Brewery. It always looks fab at Christmas but I think they have less trees this year. I am sure there is usually a third row at the top of the building.

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