By TrishaR

Last Day at the Quinta


What a great last day we had.

We went to an excellent crazy golf course in Lagos. Such good fun and it was the best one I've been on. Very well run and lots of good courses.

Lunch in a nearby Cafe and then we drove to Sagres to the Fort and walked to the edge of the Atlantic. It was quite windy so the sea was magnificent.

Had another of the communal meals in the evening. Food excellent as usual cooked by Jill bus company not as good as the other twice due to a change of guests. A middle aged couple from Gloucester were particularly weird and thought it was great sport to slag off the Scots but were put in their place after one comment when they asked if we had electricity up there and I told them that yeah we have loads so much in fact that we send you guys in England it through the National Grid! Idiots! Another irritation was that they were getting their kitchen replaced while on hols and were constantly on the phone to the plumbers from the Algarve ! What can you do from there. Other stuff not going to bother talking about and we were glad we had the other guys that we had such a laugh with for most of the week.

We excused ourselves quite quickly on the pretence of packing :)

Tanya did say it's going to be so quiet here with you guys gone not sure if she meant that in a good way or not haha

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