Bit Chilly...

to sit on this seat today :)

A lovely quiet but bitterly cold walk around the Vyne grounds today ;)

I really couldn't decide what to blip today, its been very difficult (and as I have no extras left until January (even though I deleted some earlier ones :( ) the rest are in Flickr:)

I saw a lot of fun decorations (my thought was of 'when santa got up the chimney and hung his clothes out to dry' ;):)) on the roof top tour (which was bitter today) and not one, but two robin redbreasts (such a pity I can't yet afford a longer lens... )

On the way home I drove to the local Cats Protection to drop off some old towels which are useful for the cats to use as beds.  

Came home and had some hot soup and went straight out again to return the clothes bought yesterday and collect the second class stamps I bought but wasn't given!

For the first time in a few years I've bought some thermal underwear because I just can't seem to warm up!  Am I mad?  I don't think so...

Blippers do you leave the heating on at night and if so what temperature do you have it at?  I have rarely done it before, but I've been just so cold...

Glad to have had a gorgeous day out in the sunshine, but tomorrow I really need to knuckle down to a big house tidy and sort out before I start the new job on Monday :)

Got some fresh salmon for my dinner (and of course a titbit for Billy) :)

Happy Thursday folks :)

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