Acrylics (AT127)

Ingeborg has set the challenge of painterly for this weeks abstract Thursday ... and as Gill is busy painting Robins for Christmas cards I thought I would borrow her tubes of paint as a starting point.

Fartnarkled in Photoshop for a Vincent on a bad day look,  and I'm not at all sure about that cheap slightly see through plastic frame :-)

An OpenReach engineer called today to look at our internet connection which has been quite flaky over the past week or so.  Found the noise on the line was not brilliant - possibly as it is 600m to the cabinet where the fibre terminates. We had fun discussing the test results - I think he enjoyed having someone to talk to who understood and I quite enjoyed an anorak moment around forward error correction  

Thanks to everyone who viewed, starred, favourited and/or commented on my blip of St Peters yesterday.  All much appreciated. 

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