Silly Saturday: Torture Instrument...?!

If you're wondering what this is, I'm not too surprised. I'll start with some silly ideas as to what it could be:

Is it an instrument of torture to keep my Editor under control? - No, she's better behaved than that.

Is it a bed of nails for a doll? - No.

It's actually a home-made knee kicker. I made it many years ago (maybe more than 30, I'm not sure) from instructions in the Readers Digest DIY Manual. It's suffered a degree of abuse over the years, which is why a couple of the nails have broken off, and if I were making it again I'd modify the design a little. But it still works: I thought of blipping it today as I've been using it to re-lay some of our attic carpet which had to be lifted when the partial rewiring job was going on a few weeks ago. Oh, and then I had to lift the carpet a little further to dry it out when I forgot to close one of the radiator venting screws when I refilled the central heating system after a bit of new plumbing during the same week as the rewiring. Doh! Was that silly, or what?!

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

(Oh, and if you want to see a knee kicker in action, here's a Youtube link. Commercial ones are, of course, available from several sellers, for example here.)

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