By greengirl

festive holly

December, as always, has crept up on me unawares. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was sitting in a cafe in Uckfield, writing in my new diary*

I am working very hard on learning my words for the choir concert. We are allowed to have tiny cards or an unobtrusive notebook but I'd really like not to have to look at them. Most of the songs will be ok, but the ones in foreign languages may have me beaten...we shall see :-)

I was out this afternoon cutting some holly for the wreath which I usually make on the first Sunday of Advent. These have plenty of berries, as you can see - the trick is to make the wreath without knocking them all off. That's my challenge for tomorrow.

Joe is back from Budapest so I've handed over his keys and said goodbye (for now) to Calvin. Looking after him didn't make me into a cat person, but I'm certainly a Calvin-person!

*for 2018 diary I have splashed out and ordered myself a Hobonichi techo planner - any blippers have experience of using one of these?

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